Goji berries, do you really understand it?

Poor sleep quality, all day’s work is out of form! Long time drinking, smoking, feeling out of spirit! Hair is falling out in clumps and clumps. you are young. but to be old. Hands and feet are cold, you are often afraid of cold, chills, poor color, pale and bloodless. If you have these status, it means that you should keep healthy

Late sleeping and poor health have become public enemies. Modern medical research has found that goji berry can enhance body’s immune function,  resistance, promote cell regeneration, reduce blood cholesterol content, anti-atherosclerosis, improve skin elasticity, anti-organ and skin aging.

How should goji berry be eaten in high nutritional value? Fresh goji berries are expensive and difficult to transport, so most people eat dried ones, The loss of nutrients after brewing in hot water is very large. Most people only know the use of dried goji berry tea, stew, porridge and other ways to supplement nutrition. But if you want more goji berries’ nutritional value, you might be eating them wrongly.

Fresh goji juice from picking to processing, no more than 24 hours, fresh goji juice retains more than 95% of fresh goji berry nutrients, nutrient absorption rate also increased by more than 90%. it is the gospel of the one who stay up late, the saviour of the lady who love beauty.  From now on goji berries be to drink instead of eating.


Post time: Dec-14-2023